Everything you need to know about Craig Cerhit in 4 words

Father, Producer, Photographer, Adventurer

Father – More often than not, my kids are the subjects for my photos and videos. Anyone who has tried to photograph an active child knows that it’s the perfect way to practice all kinds of photography techniques. They are full of energy, always on the move, and you can pay them in Smarties.

Producer - Over the past two decades I've been the producer on hundreds of hours of television. Most recently I've taken the job as the Technical Services Supervisor for the CBC in Vancouver.  Before the CBC, I was the Senior Supervising Producer for Greedy Productions in Vancouver, Canada. Where I supervised the production of a number of TV shows like EP Daily and Reviews On The Run for a total of twelve half-hour shows a week. My first role at Greedy was Senior Supervising Producer for The Lab With Leo Laporte, an hour long call-in tech show hosted by Tech guru Leo Laporte.

I moved out to Vancouver to work with the hardest working man in Canadian television Victor Lucas who is the owner and Executive Producer of Greedy Productions. Previously I worked for almost a decade for CHUM Television and the Space Channel, now owned by CTV. At Space I was a Senior Editor and a Field Producer and Camera Operator. It was in the trenches at the Space Channel where I first started to work with Darcy Fedorchuk; we have worked together for many years and continue to collaborate on different projects.

Another trip in the way-back machine would show me working for my own production company Media Spot for five years previous to my tenure at Space. I hold a B.A.A. in Television Production from Ryerson University.

So that scratches the surface of my 18+ years working in television. In that time I have collaborated with amazing people and have travelled the world for my craft and I still continue to learn and be surprised by people’s creativity.

Photographer – I am rarely without my camera; sometimes it feels like I experience life through a viewfinder, to enjoy later, rather than watching things happen live. If I have a style I would say it’s candid and environmental.

Adventurer – I’m no Indiana Jones but I do enjoy travelling the world and experiencing different cultures and food…oh the food! My wife and I also enjoy rock climbing, hiking, rafting and caving. Most of these activities make subjects for my video work and photography. In fact shooting in a cave has got to be one of the most challenging places one can capture.

My latest work, the documentary Found In The Forest, has taken me over two years to produce and is my current focus. You can find out more about my professional career by viewing my Linkedin page .

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